Monday, July 16, 2012

Random Turkey Photos

parasailing view of our hotel and surroungings

parasailing- incredible experience!!

views from the boat

 hotel's pool

by night


hotel's lobby

pretty towel folding

who loves boiled corn on the cob?!

Agatha Christie- goddamit, I can never guess who the killer is

enjoying a good coktail

I've selected some random photos from our vacation in Turkey, hope you'll like it!

To be honest we were at first skeptical about Turkey, not that we didn't hear a lot of good things about it, but I don't know, it just seemed like a mass tourism destination. But our expectations were definitely exceeded. Mainly because we chose the right spot, Avsallar that is( 20 km west of Alanya) and a beautiful , new hotel, placed on a peninsula with private beach all around. We couldn't have asked for more!
I also fell in love with Turkish cuisine( no, not the döner kebab), they use so many herbs, flavors and spices, simply delicious!! Not to mention the baklava, o la la!

Now, I mentioned the parasailing above... you have to try that!!!! the feeling, oh boy, is amazing! ok, ok, I was mostly panicked, 'cause they lift you up so damn high, but definitely worth the forearm muscle soreness, hehe.We even saw a couple on biiiiig sea turtle swimming!!

My dear friends and readers, this is the end of the vacation posts, thank you very much for reading!

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Wonderful photos sweetie! Looks like such a beautiful place :)

    Take care, Daniella xox

  2. superbe pozele! as da orice pentru o astfel de excursie in momentul asta!!

  3. so you were at my country.. It's nice to read that you like our country, the cuisine (baklava) and sea turtles hehe. hope to see you again in turkey.
    best wishes from istanbul :D

  4. Ce poze superbe! Esti o frumoasa!

  5. Oh, I just love all the photos you put up from Turkey. I actually never knew it was THIS beautiful! I would really love to go now!

  6. it seems wonderful and I love your maxi floral skirt

    Pretty To Be Happy

  7. fabulous! love Turcia,am fost si e superb.pupppppp

  8. I never been there and I never wanted to go. But your pictures look amazing!!



  9. absolut superbe pozele !!! :x mm , trebuie sa recunosc ca mi-ai facut pofta pe baclavaaa :(( :D

    pupici si un weekend superb !

  10. ı hope ,you try to stay in Istanbul for your other holiday . I live here. it's so complicated ,different, lovely city..:) İf you enjoy your vacation, probably you will die for this place:):)